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> What is the Effect of Pressure on the Peristaltic Pump Tube?

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1. The composition of the peristaltic pump
The peristaltic pump is composed of a driver, a peristaltic pump head, and a peristaltic pump hose. It has the characteristics of low shear force, good sealing performance, good transmission accuracy and simple maintenance.

2. Peristaltic pump hose
The inner wall of the peristaltic pump hose is bright, not easy to adhere to particles, and different materials have different performances, have different uses, and can transmit different liquids.

3. The influence of pressure on peristaltic pump hose
The application of peristaltic pumps is limited by the pressure-bearing performance of the hose. So what kind of effect does the pressure peristaltic pump hose have?

When selecting pump tubing for peristaltic pump, the user should ensure that the system pressure does not exceed the recommended working pressure of the pump tubing. If the pressure is too high, the pump tube will bulge and the pump head will not fit well, causing excessive wear and failure. When the system pressure greatly exceeds the carrying capacity of the pump tube, the pump tube may even burst and spray liquid. After selecting the pipe, the pressure should remain within the pressure range recommended by the manufacturer. If the system exceeds its working pressure, a simple pressure reducing valve or pressure switch can be installed to prevent excessive pressure from accumulating.