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Double-head liquid filling machine is a large range, among which automatic filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine, peristaltic pump filling machine, etc. can all become double-head liquid filling machine. They have different structures and working principles, and each has its own advantages. 

Today I’m going to talk about a peristaltic pump filling machine. The peristaltic pump filling machine has a simple and compact structure, consisting of a driver, a peristaltic pump head, and a peristaltic pump hose. The driver is composed of a stepping motor or a servo motor drive and control part, which can control double-head channels (two peristaltic pump heads), and perform equal filling operations at the same time. The double-head peristaltic pump filling machine has high stability, low shear force, good sealing, good control accuracy, clean transmission, simple maintenance, etc. It is a good assistant for filling production lines in various industries. Such as: perfume, laundry detergent, cosmetics, beverages, condiments, etc.

The double-head peristaltic pump filling machine can be divided into different types of products according to the function and flow range. Shenchen double-head liquid peristaltic pump filling machine has KF series, DF series, etc. The KF series double-head peristaltic pump filling machine is an integrated design, which can be matched with Minipump or Handypump pump heads, touch screen operation, economical and durable, suitable for laboratory micro-liquid filling, laboratory liquid dispensing, and diagnostic reagent dispensing , Filling and packaging machinery supporting; DF series double-head peristaltic pump filling machine is an integrated design, can be matched with YZ1515x pump head, YZ2515x pump head, DZ35 pump head, DZ25 pump head, DY15 pump head, DY25 pump head. The flow range is wide, and the transmission accuracy is good. It is suitable for food, beverage filling, cosmetics filling, liquid medicine filling, etc.


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