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Dear customers:
According to government requirements, Baoding Shenchen Precision Pump Co., Ltd. will resume work on February 10, 2020. In order to win the white war, our employees will work from home and we have sufficient inventory. Shenchen strives to contribute to China's scientific research.
Fighting the epidemic is a white war,medical staff are fighting on the front line and companies are providing rear support.

Recently, Shenchen Precision Pump received emergency requests from many customers. Some customers needed peristaltic pump filling system to dispense new coronavirus diagnostic reagents, and some customers needed OEM peristaltic pumps to support sterilizing equipment. All is used to resist the new lung epidemic in Wuhan. Race against viruses to provide life protection! After receiving the requests, Shenchen quickly organized the company strength to arrange the production at the first time, and shipped the products to customers.
Fighting the epidemic, we are together!